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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 22, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. good morning. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with weather. angie will have the traffic for you in a moment, but we want to bring you the latest on delays because of the wet weather and there are a few in our region. so far only two school delays, both from west virginia. grant and mineral county schools. they are both on a two-hour delay and howard is here. just as you said those of us close in wouldn't see more than rain. i saw sand trucks out there but nothing. >> they don't take a freezing rain lightly. thankfully the temperature has been 34, 35 so just wet streets in the area. to the west in shenandoah valley and the mountains is the
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worst. spoke to chase in harrissonburg. there are lulls in this. as we coastals take over the precip is broken up but the pink is in there. seeing sleet and freezing rain. i live in montgomery county and off of exit 18. there was crusty buildup on the cars at my house when i left this morning. look at doppler hd. as we look at the region. one batch of rain. much in the liquid form. however, we have pockets of frozen precip. we will show you the light rain across fairfax county, southern prince georges and possible up to dickerson maybe a little frozen precip. 81 in west virginia is where we have sleet or freezing rain
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occurring. you see pockets of freezing rain and drizzle. watch out there are a few slick spots but mainly wet roads this morning. >> that's the story when we are talking about traffic. take extra time and take it slow. don't need any unnecessary accidents on the ramps, too. you want to use caution. 66 tracking it early people getting a head start on the drive but just slick road is what we have are dealing with. no issues 95 to 66. at speed. so good. making your way past lorton to the mixing bowl. on the outer loop, everything is clear here. looks like the inner loop is checking out okay. salt trucks on the way to work. doesn't look like they are too
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busy. 270 southbound, light volume 121 to the split. that's the latest. now, over to you. we begin this morning continuing with a look at the weather outside. there's concern that rain and sleet could freeze making for a slick commute. 9 news now kristin fisher is live with more. >> good morning. for any kids out there who are hoping for a snow day, i hate to be the bearer of bad news but for most of you it is not going to happen. we drove from dc to clarksburg and we didn't have any trouble whatsoever. the roads were a little bit wet but nothing that anyone out there could not handle. there were quite a few salting trucks on the roads. so they are doing their job this morning but again no problems. good news for commuters this morning. it's a friday. you can get out there and know you need to be careful.
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they are wet. nothing major. the grass is crunchy but that's about as bad as it will get. there's a chance of precipitation the next few hours but right now everything is looking good. back to you in the studio. >> we have a list of weather- related delays and closings at our website at while you are there you can find the latest weather and track traffic conditions before you leave home. haitian officials are setting up resettlement camps outside of the capital. buses will transport the
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survivors as soon as tents go up. hundreds of thousands have been living in squalor. more than 1400 planes carrying food and supplies are still waiting to land. doctors are working day and night to treat as many of the 250 injured. scott broom has the latest on their mission of mercy. >> i'm scott broom in port-au- prince haiti. this is the national hospital and if you look here all of the patients are outdoors urn tarps. so many the entire courtyard is filled with people here. if you are haitian and hurt this is the best health care. 22-year-old man, leg amputated, wounds raging with infection days after buried inside of a
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school is being cared for here by his family. aid workers are helpless to do much more. buildings are in ruin. the 82ened airborne is providing security but a nurse practitioner is stunned. >> impressed by their bravery but it is an awful situation. >> reporter: two blocks away there is a ticket out. navy medevac hospital have made trips to the front lawn near the hospital. the dying are heading to the u.s. navy ship comfort off shore. in a place where until now it has been heal here or die. doctors call the arrival of the comfort a breakthrough. >> it is tremendous. we are able to move so many patients through. >> reporter: comfort has taken 184 patient and performed 58 non-stop surgeries and only one death. a 20-year-old woman with a broken leg smiled after she
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learned she, too, is heading to the ship. >> it wasn't for them they would probably be already dead. >> reporter: they are worried once news spreads that the comfort is in port there maybe a rush of people trying to get on it somehow. so far that has not happened. in port-au-prince, scott broom, 9 news now and make sure you turn in for scott broom's reports on the usns comfort. banks will no
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longer be able to own hedge funds or proprietary trading for their profit unrelated to serving their customers. >> what we have seen so far in recent weeks is an army of industry lobbyist descending on captiol hill to block basic and common sense rules of the road that will protect our economy and the people. so if these folks want a fight it's a fight i'm ready to have. >> the president said he wants to limit the size and complexity of big financial companies so that a bank's collapse won't threaten the system as a whole. a local rising star in the republican party will deliver the response to the state of the union address. bob mcdonnell will deliver the response. he will be the third virginian to deliver a response to the state of the union in the last
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five years. governor kaine did it in 2006 and senator jim webb in 2007. again, the state of the union address is next wednesday. later today governor o'malley is expected to receive a powerful endorsement from the local environment community. they will give him an early re- election endorsement. the couple endorsed him during the 2006 campaign. a fairfax county jury will reconvene to consider a sentence for a day care worker accused of severely abusing a baby. doctors say he was shaken so hard he suffered bleeding on the brain. that led to seizure and possibly permanent brain damage. anne arundel county police death is accused of exchanging
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sexually explicit picture messages with an under-aged girl. prosecutors say it constitutes child pornography. a 27-year veteran of the department has been suspended without pay. police in rockville need your help to find this woman. christine mccambridge. the 62-year-old has been missing since december 23rd. she has schizophrenia and may not have had access to her medication. if you have any information you are asked to call police. ahead on 9 news now, a trusted name in the auto industry announces a major recall. we'll be right back.
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little sleet and icing in apple blossom country.
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more shots in the region coming up. state of emergency has been declared in five california counties. back-to back storms that caused outages and the evacuation of 1200 homes. the latest storm is likely to cause massive debris and mud floes. toyota announced another major recall involving accelerator pedals. they can be worn and in some cases stick. it includes the camry, coffer roll la and high lander. it follows the recall of 2 million vehicles because of pedals getting stuck due to insecure floor mats. evidence shows it is never too late to quit smoking. people diagnosed with early stage lung cancer who kick the habit double their chances of surviving another five years. until now there is little proof
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that quitting smoking after developing lung cancer made any difference at all. by now we have heard that tiger woods is being treated for sex addiction but we want to know can anyone ever really kick the addiction
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. welcome back. here's an updated list of the delays and closings in our region. howard bernstein is with us. base on those delays it tells you about the track of the wintry mix. >> when i say cold, talking 31,
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32 versus 34, 35 and that's all the difference we need. we are not 33, we are actually 36. time is right though. we have areas of rain and freezing rain out there that i want to talk about. most of the icy stuff that is well to the west and the northwest. here in the metro light rain in spots and temperatures running, excuse me, a couple of degrees above freezing. we will see the wet weather move in slowly from southwest to northeast. you will see in to the arlington area in to northwest dc. western montgomery county. some has moved in to prince georges county, calvert, southern calvert in to st. mary's county. charles county, this has passed through you except benedict or hughsville. you may see showers there. join
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us in the chat room to find a link to my blog. front royal to luray, they have sleet and freezing rain going on right now. warrenton with the rain and same with amissville this is drifting to the northeast. that's the case throughout the morning and slowly taper off this afternoon. talk about the forecast the next three days. today upper 30s in the metro. low to mid-30s in the northwest. tomorrow, mostly sunny, 45. sunday finishes wet but mild. in the lower 50s. the bus stop forecast and most of you are going to school on time today.
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light rain and a mix to the west. sunrise 7:22. there are a couple, three inches of snow in the mountains of west virginia overnight. leftover sprinkles and flurries. 35 too 40. may see things switch over to cold air. northeast winds at ten. partial clearing. chilly tonight. 26 to 34 and sunnier tomorrow. here's the rain moving in from the southwest. a new storm is off shore but plenty of action to the west wanting to come in. the upper storm spinning in southern southwestern virginia and that is going to come in and winter weather advisories. to the west some of them are going until 6:00 p.m. this evening. the next seven days, 39 today with the light rain mix tapering off in the afternoon. 45 tomorrow. milder on sunday with the rain. could be heavy on sunday night
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ending early monday. angie, good morning. good morning. tgif, everybody. early birds are joining us. good to have you. begin with a shot of the capital beltway. no incidents or accidents to short. take it to the maps and show you 95 an the gw parkway. we are at speed on both roads heading toward the beltway. a camera here at 121. a nice example of the commute. this is 109. taillights aren't stacking up. like this toward the spur. though the district, early morning drivers on inbound new york avenue. no delays to report and here's 395. everyone is at speed. as you mentioned before be
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careful. an off duty police officer was car jacked this morning in prince georges county on branch avenue and curtis drive. the suspects took the blue and silver chevy caprice. the officer was not injured. our society is saturated with sex. according to the national council on sexual addiction, 25 million americans visit cybersex sites between one and ten hours a week and between 18 and 24 million people in the u.s. are sex addicts including perhaps pro golfer tiger woods who is reportedly under going treatment for the condition. we look at the answer to the question when is sex an obsession. >> it is in the movies from the hollywood scene to the fresh faces the music video from the legendary rap to the latest
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hits and on tv to the old fiction hits to the realty craze. sex is everywhere. reminiscent for some. >> i grew up in the ' 0s and that was the era of drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll and there was a lot of sex everywhere. >> reporter: but this has a negative connotation. >> we have been progressively less tolerant of this behavior. >> culturally we have a taboo about sex. >> that's one reason we are seeing across the line. >> sometimes it is the excitement of getting away with something. >> reporter: angie says all of the time it is never really about sex. >> whatever one does when they are sexually acting out has a particular meaning to them and to me getting to the underlying meaning is the key element to getting control. >> reporter: is control possible with all of this. >> it is just as treatable as all the other addictions.
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>> you can't escape it but you can minimize triggering situations and there are two types, internal and eck ternal triggers. with sexual addiction it's important to look at both and try to minimize high-risk situations. >> coming up we will update you on the closings and delays
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. good morning. osec kin says when he and crosby get together it is -- crosby as the ultimate bragging rights at the moment. he has the silver cup. watch this from ovie. goes between his legs, lows it on net. mike buries the rebound. it is pretty and ties the game at one. in the second, ovechkin , wicked wrist shot. ties it at three. and in the third flier man buries that. 4-3 caps. 53 seconds after that backrum on the -- and college hoops,
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terps hosting miami. game tied at 77. under ten seconds to play. this is williams with the cold blooded three. and with that maryland's 48- game win streak is over. first loss since february 2007. iverson will start the nba all- star game even though he was retired two months ago. will be the 11th midwinter classic. four weeks since george michael died and when you think of it with the redskins changing coaches and gilbert arena he would have liked this four weeks weeks. a they hall of fame redskins coach gave a eulogy remembering him as a friend. >> i would call and talk to him almost every time i got off the
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phone and he would tell me if i have to go through this so that taylor, my grandson doesn't have to go through this it is fine with me. >> reporter: taylor gibbs battled leukemia. a battle he's winning. >> we will keep you updated on school delays in our region. both from west virginia. grant and mineral county schools are on a two hour delay. we have a complete list at our website at still to come, one of the country's oldest relief agencies reveals the total from the latest campaign to reassure those of you who have given in support of haiti. cycycyc1c9cycócococ/cc/
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